Loginvault Beta (2013)

Loginvault project overview

The creation of Loginvault has been one of my favourite projects to date. Mostly due to the agility of our team and the Product Manager's lean approach to the development process. Sadly the business decided to shelf the product after its Beta release.

The main business requirement was to design and build a Password Manager for Internet users who are concerned with online security, but who do not want to deal with passwords and security themselves. This application had to quietly in the background, allowing the user to safely go by his/her daily Internet business. We aimed to deliver top security in a frictionless, delightful way. With the first release we wanted to offer the user an easy and safe way to store and manage passwords across multiple platforms.


Drinks on the go (2013)

Drinks on the go logo

Drinks on the go was a personal project I worked on for a company in the UK in 2013. The business requirement was to conceptualise and design an online drinks ordering service. The project consisted of a UX research phase, a UX Design phase and a Validation phase.


"Keep Calm and Get Guy # 2!" (2013)


In 2013, SpeedUpMyPC (SP) was one of Uniblue’s core products and main sources of revenue. Qualitative research (Trackerbird) highlighted the following key insights:

  • 98% of SP’s active user base are evaluation users
  • 97.1% of the users who activate the product do so within 30 minutes from installation
  • 85.2% of users who activate the product do so by running the product 2 times or less

We hypothesised that if we can communicate more value to the user within the first 30 minutes we may be able to increase conversion substantially.


Team Management: Capacity & Capability


In this case study, I want to share an exercise to measure the strength and weaknesses of a team. This exercise guided our team in terms of areas we had to improve, and enabled me to do better succession planning.

A Capacity and Capability Report consists of a series of GAP analyses of the team’s soft skills, hard skills and technical aptitude, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and a Succession & Risk plan. The report shown in this case study is the result of such a study I conducted with my UxD team in 2013.