Advertising Industry Awards

Awards won between July 2001 and March 2004:

  • Silver Loerie Award Toyota Prado (Over-the-page online advertising campaign)
  • Silver Loerie Award Manhattans Sweets (Flash Web site)
  • Silver Loerie Award Black IT Forum (BIT4M) (Online advertising campaign)
  • Bronze Loerie Award Black IT Forum (BIT4M) (Online advertising campaign)
  • Gold Construction New Media Award [First CNMA to be awarded for an Online advertising campaign] Black IT Forum (BIT4M) (Online advertising)
  • Bronze Construction New Media Award Vodacom 4U Campaign (Online advertising campaign)
  • SA Web Award Rhinohorn (Promotional Flash Web site)
  • SA Web Award Mauritz Lotz Music (Promotional Flash Web site)




Christopher Bolin

CEO, Uniblue Systems Ltd

Posted on LinkedIn: 15 July, 2014

“Jorike reported directly to me when I was CEO at Uniblue. She was responsible for the UI and design work that fundamentally enabled the company to deliver web content and products to 10s of millions of customers worldwide. She has an infectious passion for usability and psychology around human interface design. ... I was often inspired by her thinking and input. I changed my vision of what we were trying to accomplish more than once based on her involvement.” Read more




Elizabeth Le Roux

International Marketing & Advertising Professional

Posted on LinkedIn: 16 April, 2013

“Jorike is one of the most reliable consultants I have ever come across. Her pride in her work, exceptional client service skills, innovative approach on not just Flash scripting, but making pro-active suggestions on web content layouts so as to ensure ease of navigation, makes any of her work stand-out from the norm. Her way of looking at the bigger picture, makes her strategic input very valuable for developing any advertising or marketing campaign.” Read more




Monique Chambers

Head of Product Marketing, Uniblue Systems Ltd.

Posted on LinkedIn: 16 July, 2013

“Jorike’s understanding of UX and UI shows in her involvement in meetings and communications and ultimately, in her and her team’s deliverables. With a genuine interest in the subject, she keeps up to date and is eager to share her knowledge across both the development and marketing teams.” Read more




Marieke Den Hoed

VP of HR, Uniblue Systems Ltd

Official LOR 28 July, 2014

“Jorike is always very committed to the company and the job, leading the team of designers very effectively. Even through difficult times. Jorike has managed the quality, workload, attrition and motivation of the team to the highest standards. Throughout the company she is seen as a mature, supportive, creative and knowledgeable manager, who is able to deal effectively with the different nationalities we have in the company. ...” Read more



Philippa Eady

COO, Flux Interactive

Posted on LinkedIn: 11 February, 2013

“Jorike assisted our software development and user-centered interaction design teams with information architecture, usability testing, interaction design and creative direction over a period of 7 years. ... Frequent interaction with our development teams provided her with a firm grasp of the software development cycle and processes. Her knowledge and experience of interaction and user-centered design assisted FLUX in optimising our products in terms of usability. ” Read more




Werner Le Roux

CEO, Flux Interactive

Posted on LinkedIn: 14 September, 2010

“Jorike is a brilliantly creative lead. She is multitalented designer with a very high level of attention to detail and reasoning ability. She has a high work ethic and can achieve anything she puts her mind too. Because of her formal visual arts back round she is very knowledgeable of the sounds principles of design. She is as a person an absolute pleasure to work with always being professional and friendly.” Read more